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How does My Foodie Kitchen work?

We offer a completely equipped, licensed, and insured shared facility paired with a clean, air-conditioned, and professional environment where you can start and grow your dream food venture.  At My Foodie Kitchen (MFK), you can easily test your recipes, prepare batch meals, bake large orders of delicious pastries, launch your catering business, produce and pack your food products, or conduct inspiring cooking classes.


How do I start my own food business?

Your food business starts with a Commercial Kitchen. Go to the ‘Getting Started” tab on our website; The process, requirements, and resources are listed there.  When you decide on using My Foodie Kitchen, a tenant application must be completed.  

To become a member, download and complete the kitchen membership agreement, and send it to us for evaluation. Although we would love to accept all requests for membership, we are subject to space and time limitation. Unfortunately, certain products or ventures may not be feasible for our location.


Do I need any special permits to use your kitchen?

MFK is required, by Code, to ensure that all kitchen users be properly certified.  A Food Safety Management Certificate is required for all owners and managers, and a Food Safety Handler’s certificate is required for all other users.


Do I need a business tax or occupational license?

YES, you will need a business tax license from the city in which you conduct business if you are going to sell online, at retail outlets, restaurants, etc. You might need one to sell at Farmers’ Markets as well. Check each market's requirements. In some cases, you may report your sales taxes under the event’s license.


What is My Foodie Kitchen’s insurance requirement?

MFK requires every artisan and/or company to carry a food and general liability policy for no less than $1M per person. However, if you are looking to wholesale your food products to stores like Whole Foods, you will need a $2M per person minimum liability. MFK requires to be an ‘Additional Insured’ party on all policies before its kitchen can be used.


How does a shared use kitchen work?

At MFK up to nine businesses can work at the same time.  You work at the station you have reserved.   MFK also has common use areas like sinks, storage, refrigeration etc.


How much does it cost to use My Foodie Kitchen?

Please refer to the Rates Tab.


What is My Foodie Kitchen reservation cancellation policy?

MFK is responsible to have the reserved station open for the artisan’s use upon arrival otherwise the kitchen is liable to the artisan. Under this premise, the kitchen is therefore obligated to have a cancellation policy in place. All reservations are charged unless cancelled seven (7) days prior to the date of use. The kitchen, however, is open to reservation anytime - even the same day if the schedule is open.


Can my children help out in the Kitchen?

Children sixteen (16) years and older may help out in the kitchen if they have a valid Food Handlers Card.  They must remain with you in the kitchen and are not allowed to roam the building.  Children under sixteen (16) are not allowed in the kitchen at any time.


Does My Foodie Kitchen allow for private deliveries?

Since foods and related items are generally not delivered by suppliers to private home addresses, MFK may allow artisans to receive on-site deliveries. It is the customer's responsibility, however, to procure and secure their own deliveries. Furthermore, deliveries are permitted only up to kitchen capacity.


What are the rules and regulations concerning cleaning?

Customers are responsible for clearing and cleaning all pots, pans, equipment, and all surfaces used, as well as sweeping and mopping floors around the work station(s) used.  Customers must also throw away any generated trash and are also responsible for cleaning and returning any MFK equipment to storage, and for reporting and logging any problems with equipment.


Is there a security system?

To deter possible criminal activities, MFK has full-time, interior and exterior surveillance/monitoring cameras to protect our customers.





You have questions.  We've got answers.

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